TT7: Elevator waiting! Requests! Ratings!

Isotower will be at the Ohio Game Developer Expo.

So I’ve been preparing for that, along with getting closer to release. The current plan is to release Isotower in the Spring of 2017, so I’m working on getting the last couple of gameplay systems polished, improved, or balanced, as well as finishing up a variety of other things.  One of those things is an improvement to the requirements system. Previously, rooms had various requirements, types of rooms that needed to be built, otherwise the original room wouldn’t be rented out. I’ve expanded that system so that rooms can now also have “requests”, where if you haven’t built a room type yet, the original room can be rented out, but it’ll have a lower initial rating. The screenshot below shows an example of that.


The presentation of this information is still very crude, essentially just a first step towards presenting this info to the user.

The other aspect I’ve been working on has been improving the visuals for the elevator. This includes getting the elevators to display some of the people inside them when they’re being used, as well as display a portion of the people that are waiting for an elevator car to arrive. There’s currently a bug with the elevator that causes it to not let anyone in at a certain point. For now, I left that in to better show off a busy, crowded wait time for the elevator. It will definitely be fixed quite soon.